The WorkArmour Guide to Essential Winter Workwear

As the colder months approach us like a cascading snow, the need to prepare our winter workwear wardrobe is more important than ever. WorkArmour offers a comprehensive selection of winter work attire that will keep you warm and dry during even the most inclement of seasons. Featuring jackets, freezerwear, waterproof boots, hoodies & jumpers, hi vis hoodies, hi vis bomber jacket, and more.

Visibility and Safety in Winter Conditions

High visibility clothing is absolutely essential for safeguarding workers and ensuring their visibility in potentially dangerous conditions. Winter brings more than a drop in the temperature; the days get shorter, the light gets lower, and the weather can be as inclement as it is unpredictable. As such, the significance of warm high-visibility clothing in the chilly low-light months cannot be overstated.

High-Visibility Clothing

WorkArmour’s hi vis workwear for winter will keep you both safe and warm. High-visibility apparel is crafted to enhance worker visibility, particularly in low-light settings. During the darker winter months, visibility can be compromised by factors like fog, snow, or rain, making it crucial for workers to stand out on the job site. High-visibility garments typically boast vibrant, neon hues and reflective components, ensuring visibility against the muted winter surroundings. This is particularly vital in environments with moving machinery or vehicular traffic, helping to enhance safety and prevent accidents. You can browse our selection of hi vis jackets and hi vis hoodies here.

The Importance of Staying Warm and Safe in the Workplace During Winter

Opting for warm work apparel during the colder months is extremely important for several reasons:

  • Insulated work attire serves to keep your body heat contained, thus ensuring your warmth during chilly conditions.
  • Winter workwear also serves as a barrier from the harsher winter elements, shielding you from the biting winter winds.
  • Thermal clothing can also actively help prevent the onset hypothermia and other cold-induced ailments by regulating body temperature.
  • Advanced features, such as hoods and windproof and waterproof materials, enhance your comfort while also offering added protection against the elements.

Essential Features of Winter Work Clothes

While the wonderful world of winter workwear can bring a wide variety of options to your wardrobe, there are still some basic tenets that you should keep an eye out for when you’re shopping around:

Insulation: Insulated jackets, pants, and layered clothing effectively trap warm air close to the body, serving as a barrier against the cold. Insulation is an indispensable winter workwear feature for anyone looking to preserve body warmth while on the job.

Waterproofing: True waterproof clothing (as opposed to garments that are simply water-resistant) will effectively prevent moisture infiltration, ensuring the wearer remains dry and warm throughout the day. Waterproofing is an integral winter workwear feature, especially in rainy or snowy conditions.

Breathability: Critical for preventing overheating and moisture buildup, breathable fabrics facilitate the escape of sweat moisture, promoting comfort and reducing the risk of cold-induced injuries.

Visibility: A vital safeguard to protect you during winter's shorter daylight hours and diminished light conditions, high-visibility wear ensures that workers remain visible, thereby averting accidents in bustling or poorly lit work environments.

Each of these attributes plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the safety and well-being of workers in cold climates. Collectively, they constitute the foundation of effective winter work attire, empowering workers to execute their tasks safely and efficiently, regardless of the challenging winter conditions.

Material Matters: Choosing the Right Fabrics

The choice of fabric for winter workwear should not be overlooked. Fabric quality not only impacts comfort, but also warmth, durability, and visibility. If you’re looking for workwear that will offer protection against cold, moisture, and wind, you may wish to consider garments made from Polyester Softshell, 300D Polyester Oxford PU Coated fabric, or 100% Polyester Ripstop Outer.

Choosing the Right Winter Workwear For Your Needs

The key to choosing the perfect winter wear lies in finding a balance between warmth, safety, and a practicality that’s suited to your work as well as your individual requirements. When selecting your next winter wardrobe, consider the following factors:

  • Assess Your Work Environment: If you work amid extremely cold environments, you should opt for heavily insulated gear, as well as waterproofed gear if you work in milder frequently wet environments. If your job is physically demanding, you should also focus on breathable and flexible clothing to prevent overheating, whereas a stationary job may necessitate heavier, more insulated gear. You should also consider any inherent risks associated with your job, such as exposure to hazardous materials or the need for high visibility and protection against sharp objects, and opt for specialised workwear accordingly.
  • Prioritise Functionality and Comfort: Buy clothes that allow for ease of movement, as restrictive clothing can impede performance and pose safety hazards. Opt for garments with layering capabilities to adapt insulation to varying temperatures and activity levels. Additionally, seek out practical features such as deep pockets, durable zippers, and adjustable cuffs, enhancing convenience and functionality while on the job.
  • Find a Balance Between Warmth and Safety: Ultimately, your winter workwear needs to be as cost as it is safe, regardless of your job specifics. Selecting the right winter work attire is essential in assuring your comfort, warmth, safety, and productivity.

WorkArmour’s Winter Workwear Recommendations

WorkArmours winter workwear selection showcases a wide range hoodies & jumpers, fleece, hi-vis jackets, pants, and waterproof boots…

Jumpers, Hoodies & Pullovers

Easy to throw on, and just as easy to remove, these zip-up hoodies and fleece pullovers offer maximum convenience and comfort while shielding you from that biting morning frost. Made from plush 100% Polyester Fleece 320gsm,  this fabric will keep you warm and insulated, while it keeps its brand-new appearance after countless washes. Featuring additional pockets that provide practical storage but can also be zipped up for added security, reducing the risk of items falling out or snagging in machinery.

Consider hi-vis options for enhanced visibility during early mornings or late nights, with some designs incorporating an extra wool layer tailored for night workers' comfort. Our Hi Vis fleece jumpers, and hoodies adhere to AS/NZS 1906.4: 2010 for High Visibility Materials and AS/NZS 4602.1: 2011 for High Visibility Safety Garments, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Winter Workwear Jackets

Hi Vis Jackets

High-visibility jackets, also referred to as safety vests, are specially crafted garments aimed at improving visibility in various work settings. Typically crafted from fluorescent materials in vibrant hues such as yellow or orange, these jackets feature reflective tapes or strips for added visibility, which has made them an extremely popular choice for tradies everywhere .

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets stand out as excellent choices for winter wear. Crafted from water-resistant fabric and featuring a robust ripstop shell for enhanced durability, they offer reliable protection against the elements. The warm blown polyester fill not only provides insulation but also lends a stylish 3D appearance.

Softshell Jackets

Softshell jackets offer a smoother, softer feel and better ventilation compared to their hardshell counterparts, which utilise a breathable waterproof membrane. Crafted from 100% Oxford Bonded Polyester Softshell - 330 gsm, they provide durability and comfort. Hi-vis softshell jackets serve as an excellent choice for tradies and industrial workwear, offering both visibility and practicality.

Waterproof Boots

If your work requires you to be outside during the wetter seasons, then waterproof boots are nothing short of essential. Besides dryness, comfort and warmth, waterproof boots are vital for your health and safety. When selecting your waterproof boots, consider the following factors:

  • Reinforced toes for crush resistance
  • Shock-absorbing soles
  • Waterproof materials like vulcanised rubber or latex neoprene
  • Flexibility to allow unrestricted movement
  • Breathability for comfort during extended wear
  • Protection against chemicals and other hazards.


Keep warm on the job with WorkArmour’s specially designed freezerwear. Engineered for use in freezers and cold environments, this specialised cold weather clothing is crafted from materials like polyester, nylon, and neoprene, providing protection from low temperatures while ensuring breathability. Invest in an insulated jacket and a pair of trousers to ensure that you stay warm and dry during those extended hours in cold conditions.