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Workarmour offers a range of safe and comfortable apparel for the healthcare industry. All our medical uniforms and patient gowns are made of cotton blend fabrics that are suitable for wash in industrial laundries. We supply to hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities around Australia. We can also personalise your medical apparel with your logo or brand. With a user-centric approach, WorkArmour's medical uniforms are tailored to optimize performance without sacrificing style. By utilizing breathable fabrics and ergonomic designs, healthcare workers experience ease of movement and lasting comfort throughout their shifts. This commitment to quality ensures that each piece of attire, from scrubs to lab coats, stands up to the demanding conditions of the healthcare environment. Browse and purchase our range online or contact us for custom branding options.

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Medical Apparel Range

WorkArmour supplies a range of high quality healthcare uniforms that provide reliability around the clock. Our medical clothing are durable, comfortable, and easy to clean, perfect to help professional healthcare personnel stay safe and hygienic at work.

Gowns – Hospital gowns, which include patient gowns, utility gowns, seersucker medical gowns, and bariatric gowns, are medical clothing worn by patients in hospitals. These are often put on when doing an operation or examination, to allow hospital staff easier access to the part of the patient’s body that is being treated.

Scrubs – Scrubs are protective garments designed to keep doctors, vets, nurses, dentists and surgeons sanitary and hygienic while caring for patients in hospitals. These medical scrubs, sometimes also known as surgical or theatre scrubs (although there may be a slight difference in design) are usually in a simple design, easy to launder, and features multiple pockets.

Jackets – Warm up jackets keep medical staff warm and comfortable while still allowing ease of movement during hectic shifts at the hospital. These warm up jackets usually match or complement the medical scrubs, with multiple pockets for convenience

Nursing uniforms – Nursing uniforms or clothing are worn by nurses for identification and hygiene purposes. Nursing uniforms include nursing scrubs, nurse tops, dresses, scrub pants.

Doctors uniforms – Doctors uniforms include doctors scrub tops, scrub pants, and aprons. Designed to be simple, comfortable and sanitary, these garments are worn especially by surgeons, doctors, physicians, nurses and other workers who may be involved in direct patient care in hospitals.


WorkArmour’s Medical Clothing 

WorkArmour offers a wide range of medical apparel from scrubs to nurse tunics to patient gowns. Our range of medical apparel is highly durable, comfortable, and safe for use in the healthcare industry and is made up of cotton blend fabrics suitable for washing in industrial laundries. 

Our collection of healthcare uniforms have been expertly designed to comply with the set Australian Standards and created with the demanding healthcare environment in mind. We supply our range of medicals uniforms and patient gowns to clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities around Australia.


Comfortable Medical Uniform is a Must 

Medical uniforms need to be reliable around the clock and help to maintain flexibility and comfortable throughout the shift. Additionally, it’s important to maintain a professional appearance towards clients. In an independent study, it was found that 60% of patients responded positively towards doctors wearing a white lab coat as compared to a suit. Due to American sitcom influence, Medical scrubs have risen in popularity. WorkArmour is known to provide safe and comfortable healthcare apparel. Not only do we provide a great selection of colors and styles to choose from, but our garments can also be personalized to be consistent with your branding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workwear

What are medical uniforms called? 

Scrubs are garments worn by medical practitioners like surgeons, nurses, and physicians, and they get their names from doctors scrubbing in before surgery.

 What do different color scrubs indicate? 

Color specifics can differ depending on employers or practice, but contrary to popular belief medical professionals generally are free to wear whichever color/style they see fit. Furthermore, not all hospitals utilize a color grading system for their staff.

 You may find that green or blue scrubs take favor across most facilities; for good reason. Green scrubs offer a color balance to the color red, essentially desensitizing the brain. Benefiting both surgeons and their patients.

 How Much Do Scrubs Cost? 

Many variants are taken into consideration for scrubs; depending on employers or personal preference. The starting price for Medical Scrub pants is $22, Medical Scrub tops are $19 and Patient gowns are priced at $18.

 Why Do Surgeons Wear Blue? 

Even when given the freedom to wear a color they see fit, medical professionals tend to favor blue or green. This is because green scrubs offer color balance for red; when blood gets onto scrubs, it can desensitize the brain if seen, benefiting both surgeons and their patients.

 Why Are Scrubs Worn in Hospitals?

Primarily, scrubs limit exposure for patients to bacteria and germs from the outdoor environment. Medical Professionals change into these garments in sterile environments. Patients need clean environments to have speedy, safe, recoveries.

Traditionally, ‘Scrubs’ were White; at this time color helped achieve the ideals of cleanliness. As time went on, these garments became outdated due to the strain they would put onto staff and patients' eyes. Eventually leading staff to opt for green, blue, etc.


Medical Clothing for Hospitals

Medical professionals need garments that are comfortable, durable, and suitable to wear in healthcare settings. WorkArmour offers a wide range of high-quality uniforms that will keep you comfortable throughout the shift as well as keep you looking at their best.

 Medical Clothing for Veterinary

You are sure to find medical uniforms suitable to wear in veterinary. Our range of medical clothing for veterinary is comfortable, durable, safe, and will keep you looking professional at all times.

Medical Clothing for Pharmacy, Radiography, and Physiotherapy 

Make a positive impact with our range of medical uniforms for Pharmacy, Radiography, and Physiography at WorkArmour. We never compromise on the quality of medical apparel.

We aim to deliver reputable, high-quality workwear to Melbourne customers as well as across Australia. Our specially selected range including products from Medi8™ is one of the most recognised brands in medical workwear, so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality clothing. Made from the most appropriate materials, carefully designed and delivered to you at affordable prices, at WorkAmour we only provide the best.

Healthcare Brands

Medi8 offers high quality hospital and medical garments that are carefully designed for medical professionals who work tirelessly around the clock. Not only do these garments need to perform for healthcare workers and patients who wear them day after day, but they also need to be able to withstand going through industrial laundry machines repeatedly. With this demanding environment in mind, Medi8 has designed and manufactured every item to optimise performance, comfort and durability. Its hospital garments come with features such as safety stitched side seams, reinforced stress points, and heat resistant studs. The entire range is suitable for industrial laundry. Medi8 hospital garments are made to perform the way they need to, time and time again.