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Hoodies & Fleece

Corporate hoodies and fleeces offer a smooth blend of wearability, durability and adaptability. Ensuring optimal warmth and comfort, they also provide you with an aesthetic that will leave you looking smart and professional in any corporate setting. The WorkArmour selection of work hoodies and fleeces includes highly reputable brands such as Biz Collection, with a range of styles both modern and classic, in a range of sizes for both men and women. With hoodies, jackets, fleeces and vests for every season, WorkArmour is here to make sure you look and feel great, no matter where you are.

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Corporate Hoodies & Fleeces in a Wide Range of Styles

At WorkArmour, we know that the perfect corporate hoodie for someone else may not be the perfect hoodie for you. That’s exactly why we pack a wide range of different style choices in both men’s and women’s sizes.

  • The Plain Microfleece Jacket is a versatile micro fleece option with a classic look. As durable as it is cosy, this reliable jacket will keep you feeling warm and looking smart.
  • The Plain Microfleece Vest is a utilitarian choice that goes with any outfit. Reliable, warm, and smart, it can be worn as an added layer under your jacket, or on its own.
  • This Pullover Hoodie is an everyday essential fleecy garment that’s been upgraded with a modern look. Equipped with sizable kangaroo pockets, it is woven from reliable poly cotton fleece, its fabric is light, warm, and ideal for layering.
  • The Full Zip Hoodie comes with a durable front zip and decent sized kangaroo pockets. Part of Biz Collection’s Crew Hoodie range, it pairs perfectly with Crew Polos, but is also a smart match for any other corporate wear.
  • This ½ Zip Pullover is a low-pill Trinity Fleece that offers excellent warmth without the added weight. A modern fit with a high zip collar, this fleece is a cosy choice for a wide range of work environments.
  • This classic Pull-On Hoodie is made to provide you comfort and support during sports performance. Crafted from 100% polyester soft-touch fleece, it’s not only warm and lightweight, but also features an exceptionally smooth surface and finish, ensuring screen prints appear clean and sharp. This classic pull-on style comes with a front kangaroo pocket and other modern updates, like a loose ribbed hem and cuff.
  • The Heavy Weight Winter Fleece is perfect for the ultra-cold weather. Made with 100% polyester low pill fleece, this rugged half-zip fleece pullover provides you with all the warmth without the extra weight.

WorkArmour’s corporate hoodies and fleeces come with a range of superior features that make them as functional as they are comfortable. Such key features include;

  • Concealed front pockets with invisible zippers.
  • Two front zippered side pockets that are available in the women's hoodies.
  • Matching full length front zippers available in the men’s styles.
  • A range of classic colours, suitable for both casual wear as well as the office.
  • Wider shoe-lace style hoodie cord that offer ease of use as well as a modern urban sporty aesthetic.
  • A generous range of sizes so that you can easily find an easy fit. With a large range of men’s, ladies and kid’s sizes, fitting a large number of people for teamwear or work uniforms has never been easier.

Corporate hoodies and fleeces are made from premium fabrics such as 100% polyester and blends like 55% cotton fleece with 45% polyester offer an unparalleled combination of comfort and durability, offering a style that’s suitable for the modern workplace.

Polyester is renowned for its strength and resilience, ensuring that corporate wear retains its shape and appearance even after multiple washes and continuous use. Its quick-drying properties and resistance to wrinkles further contribute to a well-maintained and polished look, essential for maintaining a professional corporate identity. Polyester fabric boasts an exceptionally smooth surface and finish, making it the ideal canvas for corporate branding. Screen prints on polyester are notably clean and sharp, allowing logos and designs to stand out with precision and clarity. This quality makes polyester-based corporate hoodies and fleece an excellent choice for businesses looking to maintain a professional image while ensuring their team is comfortably outfitted.

WorkArmour Fabric options include:

Amid the extensive WorkArmour line of hoodies and fleeces, you’ll find options suitable for the full gamut of situations; from the daily grind of the office, to work events, team sports, volunteer events, gyms, fitness classes, retail, school classes, social events, and so much more. Hoodies are incredibly versatile; they can be worn as casual jackets, around the waist, or layered under a winter coat.

What’s special about our corporate workwear?

WorkArmour offers an exceptional collection of neutral-coloured jumpers and hoodies designed for wearability throughout the year Our hoodies are as durable as they are comfortable, made from a stretchable, high-quality materials, ensuring warmth and dryness in damp or cold weather. Offering a range of versatile neutral tones such as grey, charcoal, black, and navy, these hoodies can be seamlessly integrated into any office attire, pairing well with slacks, shirts, or skirts. For those seeking a more relaxed off-duty look, they pair well with WorkArmour’s shorts during the warmer seasons. As we do with all our products, WorkArmour has ensured that our hoodie range offers excellent value for money without ever compromising on quality.

Which brand is best in hoodies?

For high quality hoodies that meet comfort standards while also offering a professional corporate look, we honestly recommend the Biz Collection selection of hoodies. Offering both hoodies for men and hoodies for women, the Biz Collection makes a versatile range that blends style, comfort, and durability.

Can hoodies be business casual?

Absolutely! These days, certain hoodies can be considered business casual, and a neutral-coloured hoodie with slacks or a skirt can create a smart yet relaxed look that’s appropriate for most modern office settings.

How can you tell if a hoodie is high quality?

Several indicators of a high-quality hoodie include the fabric's weight and softness, sturdy stitching, durable zippers or buttons, and a well-structured fit. Premium hoodies will maintain their shape and texture even after multiple washes.

What colour hoodies are best for work?

For a professional environment, hoodies in classic subdued colours like black, grey or navy are typically suitable. Such colours are versatile, easy to match with other clothing items, and generally considered more professional for work settings.

What makes the best hoodie?

A superior hoodie should offer a comfortable fit, a functional design, and an overall aesthetic appeal. It should feel soft and durable, and fit your form without being too loose or too tight, and it should retain its shape, colour, and texture over time. Before you buy, the weight of the hoodie should be considered; always ensure that it’s not too heavy or not too light (unless your preference skews towards something that’s particularly heavy or light). To this end, you should always consider the material the hoodie is woven from; for a comfortable, durable in-between fabric, you may wish to consider polyester, which is also wrinkle-resistant.

You can check out WorkArmour’s wide selection of hoodies, fleeces, and more here. Whether you want pullover hoodies, microfleece jackets, fleece jacket mens, fleece jacket womens, hoodies for work, or hoodies for home, WorkArmour has you covered, both figuratively and literally.

To browse our various other workwear, head over to the WorkArmour homepage. Got an inquiry? You can get in touch with us via the WorkArmour contact us page, or call us directly on (03) 8787 5984.