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WorkArmour presents a comprehensive range of corporate workwear, providing high-quality garments that can help you land a sophisticated and professional appearance in any workplace. Offering a wide range of styles for business & corporate wear for mens & womens sizes, WorkArmour’s office wear is tailored to meet the needs of professionals in corporate and business environments

The office workwear choices of employees can significantly impact a company's success. Implementing a workwear policy proves to be an excellent strategy to enhance your business branding, foster a sense of belonging and equality among employees, promote loyalty and team building, and create a professional brand image during interactions with business partners and customers.

Whether it's maintaining a cohesive brand image, adhering to specific dress codes, or promoting a sense of professionalism, WorkArmour's corporate workwear is crafted to meet the unique requirements of those who prioritise both style and functionality in their work attire.Truly, this office wear is designed for individuals who understand the importance of making a polished impression in their roles. Read on to learn more!

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Range of Corporate Workwear

WorkArmour’s corporate workwear is distinguished by a meticulous combination of high-quality fabrics, emphasising a harmonious blend of comfort, durability, and style. Designed with a focus on practicality and modern aesthetics, our office wear range caters to the unique needs of the professional environment, with designs that provide a distinctive edge to individuals who prioritise both functionality and fashion in the workplace. Such office workwear includes;

Polos: Polos offer a versatile blend of casual comfort and a polished appearance, ideal for a smart-casual corporate setting.

Tees: Corporate tees provide a relaxed yet neat option for a more laid-back corporate environment, ensuring comfort without compromising professionalism. Ideal for smart casual environments.

Shirt: Corporate shirts exude classic professionalism, combining a tailored fit with timeless style for a sophisticated corporate look.

Knitwear: Knitwear adds a touch of elegance and warmth, seamlessly integrating style and practicality into the corporate wardrobe. Great for the colder months.

Hoodies & Fleeces: Hoodies & Fleece deliver a modern and comfortable approach to corporate casual, blending a relaxed feel with a contemporary aesthetic.

Jackets: Corporate Jackets offer a professional outer layer, combining style and functionality to enhance the overall corporate workwear ensemble.

Activewear: Activewear provides a dynamic option, ensuring comfort and flexibility for those in corporate roles with active and dynamic job responsibilities.

Best Fabrics for an Office Workwear

When it comes to selecting fabrics for office workwear, WorkArmour stock several different options that cater to the diverse needs of many offices. With business & corporate wear for mens & womens fits, the WorkArmour range is at once stylish, affordable, and guaranteed to help maintain professional appearance while still setting you apart. Some of the high quality materials that our clothes are made from include;


Cotton is a classic choice, offering breathability and comfort suitable for various climates. The natural feel of cotton promotes ease of movement during long work hours, contributing to a comfortable and relaxed experience.

Cotton Twill

Cotton twill is valued for its durability, resistance to wrinkles, and often features a soft finish. This fabric combines the comfort of cotton with added durability, ensuring a polished appearance throughout the day.


For a modern, sleek look, polyester is a lightweight option that is quick-drying and resistant to wrinkles. Its minimal maintenance requirements make it ideal for those seeking a crisp and professional appearance.

Polyester Blends

Polyester blends offer versatility by combining the benefits of polyester with other fabrics. This results in added comfort, providing a balance between style and practicality, making it suitable for various work environments.


Nylon is a robust choice known for its strength, abrasion resistance, and often water-resistant properties. This fabric is ideal for durable and weather-resistant workwear, ensuring longevity and protection in various working conditions.

Australian Workplace Dress Codes

Dress codes in Australian workplaces encompass various levels of formality:

Formal Business Wear: Formal business wear is probably what most of us think of when we think of corporate workwear. This typically encompasses neckties, business suits, and business style dresses, typically in darker colour palettes that convey professionalism and sophistication.

Smart Casual: Smart casual is a comfortable but professional middle ground for business wear that’s arguably become more and more common within workplaces over the growing decades. This dress code typically allows for a more relaxed and fashionable approach to workwear. Smart casual attire may involve collared shirts paired with chinos or nice jeans, or a dressy shirt paired with nice slacks or a skirt, or any combination of the above.

Business Casual: Business casual attire maintains a balance between professionalism and comfort, with a focus on neatness and a slightly formal appearance, with a dress code that skews more towards a traditional professional look than smart casual does, though the two terms are often used interchangeably. The interpretation of these dress codes can vary, so it's essential to consider the specific guidelines provided by a particular company or event.

Casual/Informal: For more relaxed work settings, casual and informal wear is accepted, and in some instances, even encouraged. Casual/informal wear usually consisted of t-shirts, jeans, and presentable sneakers.

Uniforms: Some workplaces adopt a uniform dress code for a standardised and professional appearance. When a workplace mandates a uniform for its employees, the responsibility for providing the uniform lies with the employer.

Other: This classification includes any additional or specialised dress codes that may be unique to specific workplaces or industries, as workwear styles can vary significantly across different businesses, reflecting the diverse needs and standards of different industries and professional environments.

Office Workwear FAQs

What is corporate wear?

Corporate wear refers to the clothing and attire worn by employees in a corporate or office setting. It is a type of workwear that can be formal, business-casual, or anything in between, so long as it reflects the professional nature and dress codes of the workplace.

Why is office workwear important?

The importance of office workwear lies in creating a professional and cohesive image for the company. It helps establish a sense of unity among employees, reinforces the brand identity, and conveys a polished and competent image to clients and customers. Additionally, corporate wear can contribute to a positive and productive work environment by setting a standard for professionalism.

What should be considered when choosing corporate wear?

When choosing corporate wear, several factors should be considered. Firstly, follow any existing dress code policies that have already been mandated and established by the company, and ensure that you (and/or your employees) feel comfortable in the clothing, so as to ensure productivity and well-being. The chosen attire should align with the company's brand image and values, while allowing some degree of individualization or personalization within the dress code (depending on the corporate culture). You may also wish to pay attention to tailoring, colour choices, breathability, and overall functionality. You may need to consider the climate of your work location, and potentially choose fabrics suitable for different seasons. Fabric that is breathable can help ensure comfort, especially in the warmer months, and incorporating functional features like pockets and easy-care fabrics adds convenience to the wearer's experience.

Can office workwear be stylish?

Absolutely it can! Whether it’s formal business wear or smart casual, the general idea of workwear is to strike a chord between professional and stylish, more and more companies are recognising the importance of promoting a little style, as it can enhance employee satisfaction and contribute to a positive work environment.

How to care for corporate wear?

To care for corporate wear, it's essential to follow care instructions provided on garment labels, but its effectively the same as looking after any other nice clothes. Stains should be promptly attended to, and you may wish to consider performing regular maintenance such as ironing. Hang garments properly to prevent wrinkles and maintain their shape, and for items that require it, you may wish to send them off to professional cleaners.

Where can I buy corporate wear?

Corporate wear can be purchased from various sources, including department stores and specialty retailers, and online platforms that specialise in workwear and corporate attire. When selecting a source, consider factors such as quality, style options, and the ability to meet any specific customization requirements. The companies that specialise in corporate workwear will typically offer a wider range of options.

WorkArmour Solutions serves diverse industries, spanning from Industrial and Hospitality to Healthcare. Our exclusive brands, including WorkCraft, ChefsCraft, Medi8, FlameBuster, and Magnum, offer high-quality, purpose-fit products at prices that are budget-friendly and won't exceed your financial constraints.

WorkArmour strives to collaborate with our customers in delivering a cost-effective safety uniform solution while maintaining uncompromised quality. This ensures that you and your workforce remain safeguarded and can perform optimally, as our foremost commitment is prioritising the safety of you and your workers. You can browse our extensive range of stock over at the WorkArmour website. If you’d like to speak to us directly, don’t be afraid to hit up at the WorkArmour Contact Us page, and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you as quickly as they can. Easy!