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Lace Up

Lace Up Boots

Lace-up boots can be as dashing as they are utilitarian. Offering a sleek, versatile look that can fit into both casual and work environments, WorkArmour’s lace-up boots are made with sturdy yet comfortable materials, with adjustable laces that ensure that you can control the fit of the boot and find the perfect measure of snugness for your foot. Both men’s and women's lace-up boots offer style and comfort that are ideal for everyday wear as well as special occasions. Browse WorkArmour lace-up boots here, or scroll down to learn why our boots are the best in the business.

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Lace-up boots are stylish, practical, and protective. Whether you work in construction, the office, or somewhere in between, lace up boots are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. WorkArmour carries some of the best footwear in Australia, with lace-up boots in mens and women’s sizes, a range of colours and styles, and premium brands such as Magnum, Bata, and Bison boots, you're sure to find the perfect pair for you in WorkArmour’s exclusive lace-up boot selection. These safety boots look great paired with your favourite jeans and trousers, creating a fashion-forward look that's perfect for any season. Whether you’re after class black lace-up boots like the Bata Chargers, a fetching pair of Black XT Ankle Lace Ups or a leather wheat treat like the Bata Avenger Safety Ankle Boot with metal free zip sided lace-up, you’re bound to find something that fits your feet as well as it fits your fashion.

Comfort And Functionality In Every Work Boot

A WorkArmour lace-up work boot is where fashion meets functionality, with a heaping helping of comfort for good measure. If you work in an industry that requires sturdy and comfortable footwear, then a WorkArmour lace-up boot may be just what you're after. Offering equal parts protection, comfort and style, our men’s and women’s lace-up boots are suitable for a vast range of work environments, including construction, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, roofing, rigging, and even the office. Made from breathable materials, they feature modern yet versatile designs that match just about any outfit (such as zip and lace combinations), meaning they can easily be worn in casual environments in addition to the workplace.

High Quality Material

All WorkArmour boots are made from premium grade materials that are not only designed to protect and support, but are also made to last. With steel caps to protect your toes and supportive but lightweight midsoles to absorb impact and fight foot fatigue, you’ll also be treated to breathable material footwear. Take, for example, the Bison Dune boot, Magnum boots with its breathable, synthetic and leather upper, its ergonomic zip and lace combo, and its nitrile rubber sole with a top tier SRC slip rating. You may also wish to consider the Bata Avenger Safety Ankle Boot, with its Ortholite insole, carbon toecap, padded collar and tongue, and its wheat nubuck leather upper.

Standard Certification

All WorkArmour safety boots come with Standard Certifications so that our customers can be rest assured knowing that their footwear provides adequate safety and performance levels as required while meeting industry standards. Such certifications are essential for verifying that the footwear is capable of providing the necessary protection in specific work conditions.

Our Bison boots are certified according to AS 2210.3:2019 and EN ISO 20345:2011, demonstrating their compliance with Australian and European safety standards for protective footwear, while our Bata boots meet the AS 2210.3:2019 standard along with ASTM F2413-18. These certifications indicate that the boots have passed tests for basic safety features and additional protections

Our safety boots come with a range of in-built benefits, including:

  • Toe Protection - Whether you’ve elected for a safety work boot with a carbon toe cap or a steel toe cap, you can rest assured that this important safety feature will protect your feet; not only that, but the enhanced structural integrity also protects the boot itself, giving your footwear some extra longevity.
  • Anti-Penetration Midsole/EVA Midsole - This offers a lighter, more flexible design with superior impact absorption for a wide fit.
  • Innovative Self-Venting Footbed Base - The SDVS (Self Dispersing Venting System) and a breathable lining work together to enhance heat dispersion and minimise moisture.
  • Moulded Footbed Compound - The moulded footbed compound provides durable cushioning and enhanced support.
  • Life Natural Anti-Odour Lining - This lining prevents unpleasant smells by reducing odour-causing bacteria in the boots such as Magnum boots. As featured in the Bata Avenger Safety Ankle Boot.
  • Fuel, Oil & Slip Resistant - These features (that are also found in the bata boots enhance safety by improving traction and preventing slips in environments with oil or fuel spills.
  • Padded Collar & Tongue - These simple but effective furnishings provide extra comfort and cushioning around the ankle and top of the foot, reducing irritation and supporting extended wear.
  • Nomex Stitching & Heat Resistant Rubber Outsole - These features offer enhanced durability and protection against high temperatures, making the boots suitable for environments with thermal hazards. As featured in the Bata Dakota Ladies Safety Boots.
  • 3M™ Scotchgard™ Protection - Offers protection against sharp objects and adds leather protection against oil and water, making cleaning easier. As featured in the Bata Longreach Composite Toecap Side Zip boot.
  • Nitrile Rubber Sole - Featuring the best SRC slip rating, this sole provides superior slip resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 300°C, ensuring safety in both slippery and high-heat environments. As found in the Bison Dune Low Cut Zip Side Lace Up Safety Boot
  • Padded Collar & Tongue - Enhances comfort and fit, reducing irritation and providing support around the ankle and foot.
  • YKK Zipper - Offers a reliable and durable closure system for easy on and off, known for its high quality and longevity.

Whether you’re on the clock or on the beers, lace-up boots give you an edge that other footwear just can’t match…

  • Customizable Fit - Lace-up work boots can accommodate different foot sizes and shapes due to the adjustable lacing system.
  • Enhanced Ankle Support - The laces can be tightened to provide additional ankle support and stability, which may be beneficial in certain work environments.
  • Protection - Featuring toe guards, high quality leathers, and nitrile rubber sole with the best SRC slip rating
  • Fine-Tuned Comfort - With high quality materials like breathable, synthetic and leather upper and in-built shock absorption, proper adjustments to the laces can also be made to provide a cosy fit that moulds to the contours of your foot

Why Buy Lace-Up Boots from WorkArmour Australia?

At WorkArmour, we take pride in providing our loyal and satisfied customer base with the highest quality workwear. With our extensive selection of lace-up boots, you're guaranteed to find the perfect match for your workwear style and existing wardrobe. Explore our full selection of work boots for men and women, including lace-up, side zip, ankle boots, and tactical boots. You can also check out our wide range of other work wear here. Got a question? Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us here. Don’t forget, WorkArmour offers free standard shipping for purchases over $100.00 (Inc GST) using Australia Post and select other carriers!

Why are lace-up boots better?

In short, lace-up boots offer a more dependable fit, as well as enhanced ankle support, making them ideal for those who are frequently active at work. The laces can be adjusted to offer extra stability while enabling you to tailor the fit of the footwear to your specific foot size. This adjustable lacing system in lace-up work boots allows them to fit various foot sizes and shapes effectively. By making the right adjustments, lace-up boots can provide a custom, snug fit that moulds to the contours of your foot, making them as comfortable and supportive as they are protective and stylish.

Which work boots are right for my job?

When selecting workwear and boots for your work, it's important to take into account the specific settings and duties of your job, as different work environments and conditions necessitate different features in work boots. For instance, construction roles might need robust boots with ankle support, waterproof or water-resistant footwear is essential in wet conditions, and certain warehousing jobs lighter safety boots that enable extensive walking. The first thing to do is consult your manager or OHS representative to ensure you’re purchasing a safety boot that’s the most appropriate for your job. You can also send an inquiry to WorkArmour, and one of our friendly staff members will be able to instruct you on what work boot is best for your vocation.

Are lace-up work boots on trend?

Absolutely. While fashion is subjective and ultimately a matter of personal choice, lace-up boots nonetheless brandish a timeless look that has them showing up in countless wardrobes, year after year. Lace-up ankle boots are versatile enough for both casual and work settings, adding a touch of rugged class to any outfit, and tradies and non-tradies alike favour the lace-up boots ability to fit comfortably to the foot while fitting comfortably to a wide range of fashion attires.

Are these boots safe to wear at the workplace?

Yes; indeed these boots are designed to keep you safe in the workplace. Lace-up boots are perfect for work environments that demand high levels of puncture and slip resistance, such as construction sites. Their sturdy design provides excellent ankle support, which is beneficial in preventing injuries from trips or slips.

Is it good to wear steel toe boots everyday?

If you’re in employment that requires the routine handling of heavy machinery, heavy materials, or any hazardous items, then it’s highly recommended that you wear steel toe boots on a daily basis. If you’re wearing the correct insoles and appropriately thick socks, then daily use should pose no harm whatsoever. Should you experience pain or irritation from wearing steel toe boots, you may wish to see if there’s another size that fits better, or consult a podiatrist or physiotherapist to see if there’s an outlying problem at foot. Regardless, if you’re in a high risk job, then wearing strong and protective steel toe boots — such as the Bison Dune Low Cut Zip Side Lace Up Safety Boot — will likely be recommended as an occupational health and safety measure.