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Chef Jackets

Chef Jackets

At WorkArmour our chefs jackets and chefs tunics combine outstanding functionality with timeless design to suit your culinary aesthetic. Tailored to stand out in both executive and classic styles, in long and short sleeve options, we provide chef jackets, chef coats and tunics suitable for commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafes, catering, clubs, hotels and other hospitality venues. Not only do they provide a cohesive and sophisticated look for the kitchen staff, they also provide important protection for the individuals working within it. Chef uniforms usually include a chef hat, chef coat, and chef pants, all of which are made with materials such as cotton or polyester blends to keep chefs cool even when working in hot kitchens.

For an added element of class, we also offer custom embroidery, allowing a personal and professional touch to your jacket. Order chef jackets online today for next day dispatch with standard shipping - express shipping options also available. We have got you completely covered for whatever the kitchen can throw at you.

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Executive Chef Jackets

Our selection of chefs jackets Australia includes executive chef's jackets to suit a wide range of environments including high-end restaurants or luxury hotels. Whether your preference is modern class, cutting-edge or old-world style for your kitchen, our executive range delivers.

We provide women’s & men’s short sleeve & long sleeve executive lightweight chef jackets, executive vented chef jackets with checks, executive chef jackets with press studs and executive chef jackets with piping.

Classic Chef Jackets

Sometimes the classics are the best option for your business. If you're keen to keep with tradition for your head chef jacket and kitchen staff uniform, opting for cotton jackets with a classic cut and finish may be the ideal solution. Our classic jackets bring style into the kitchen with an unmistakable, tailored finish that meets every necessary occasion.

We provide women’s and men’s short sleeve & long sleeve classic chefs jackets.

Chef Tunics

Chefs tunics are the ideal solution for busy kitchen environments, offering an easy option for removal and cleaning over a uniform. We stock a selection of different black chef tunics for men and women, suiting your kitchen needs and meeting all necessary standards for Australian commercial kitchens.

Chef Jackets for Women and Men

Whether you require the right chef jackets for a male chef or you need a chef jacket that works for female kitchen crew, our selection of different jackets and tunics best suits your business needs and requirements. With options to suit both male and female fit, as well as unisex uniform options, you can ensure every member of our team is appropriately dressed for the workplace.

Chef Jackets Black and White, Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve

Your kitchen requirements are as unique as your business, so why settle for the standard when you can tailor your chefs jackets and tunics to best suit your styling needs? Our selection of chef jackets covers a wide range of options, with colours in both white and black. In addition, we offer both short sleeve chef jackets and long sleeve chef jackets options, allowing you to effectively match your chef uniform to the rest of your staff.

Chef Jackets for Cafes, Resorts and Clubs

Exclusivity, luxury, and high-end design are key requirements for club chefs, making selecting the right jacket for the job even more important. In club environments where a larger kitchen crew may be required, ensuring all staff have access to good quality chef jackets that are on-theme and club-friendly is your top priority. Our wide range of jackets is well-suited to club environments, providing the Chef uniforms look needed to blend in with other staff members on-site.

Modern Chef Jackets

If you're keen to modernise the kitchen and bring your chef's attire up to modern standards and requirements, our club chef jackets may be the ideal solution. Each jacket is designed to meet today's kitchen standards and requirements, with a modern appearance that will not look out of place in the most modern or minimalist restaurants.

Chef Jackets with Piping

Want to go beyond the basics? If you're keen to help your culinary staff stand out from the crowd, choosing chef jackets with piping and extra flourishes of design may be the ideal way to do so. With a high-end feel beyond the classic modern chef jackets, the use of piping helps elevate these jackets to the next level. Luxurious jackets with piping are the ideal match for high-end restaurants and luxury hotels.

Brand spotlight: Chefscraft

Chefscraft is an industry-renowned hospitality uniforms brand that stocks a wide range of products to suit the hospitality industry. As our brand of choice, Chefscraft delivers on the reliability and performance that chefs need in a modern kitchen, with the required washing and hygiene standards for industrial laundry and commercial use.

Do you offer wholesale chef jackets?

If you require a bulk order, get in touch with our team today to discuss our B2B trade options. Please contact us directly on [email protected] or call (03) 8566 9957.

What are the best chef jackets available?

Our wide range of versatile and professional chef uniforms such as chef jackets and chef tunics offer everything you need in one location. If you require the best chef jackets available for your business needs, our comprehensive catalogue is the place to start.

What sizes of chef jackets are available?

We stock an array of sizes for chef jackets, with our unisex options going from XS-4XL. For more details about each jacket, click on the product to see the size range in the description.

How long will the Chefcrafts chef jacket last?

Usually lasts for 50 to 75 domestic washes, according to cleaning and care instructions. Chefcrafts chef uniforms are designed to be as durable and hardwearing as your employees need for kitchen workday after day. Even the busiest of kitchens will get years of use out of our jackets if they are cared for according to cleaning and care instructions.

What colours are available for Chef Jackets?

We stock both black chef jackets and white chef jackets.

What does a black chef jacket mean?

Black chef jackets are traditionally worn by prep cooks, though your choice of colour is entirely up to you as a hospitality business owner.

Why is it double breasted?

Chef jackets feature a double-breasted design with two rows of buttons, often made from knotted cloth. The purpose of these buttons is to provide a tight fit and professional look and offer the option to switch over the side of the jacket if a spill occurs.

What colour do chefs wear?

Chefs will usually wear white in the kitchen, but your choice of colour for chef uniform is entirely up to you.

How do I place an order for chef jackets?

You can browse our selection of chef jackets online and order directly for delivery to your doorstep. For more information about B2B wholesale, please contact us directly on [email protected] or call (03) 8566 9957.

What is the purpose of a chef's jacket?

A chef's jacket helps differentiate themselves from other staff in the kitchen while also protecting them from heat, spills and equipment.