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Hi Vis Vests

Hi Vis Vests

Hi vis vests, also known as high visibility vests or high vis vests, are essential protective garments worn across a high number of different industries where visibility is crucial for safety. With their bright fluorescent colours and their reflective tape vests, these safety vests ensure that any employees working in low-to-no lighting remain visible and protected. Workarmour provides a wide selection of hi-vis shirts for both men and women,Featuring high quality brands such as WorkCraft and Syzmik. Our safety vests come in both taped and untaped varieties, and are ideal for road work, construction, factory work, emergency services, and any other vocation where visibility is critical.

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Hi vis vests come in many different options. The best kind for you will ultimately be determined by the specific requirements of your vocation. You may wish to consider some of the following safety vest varieties:

Waterproof Vests

Hi Vis Lightweight Waterproof Vest: Made from 100% 300D Oxford Polyester, the men’s Hi Vis Lightweight Waterproof Vest is fully seam sealed, and offers a reflective tape as well as an ID chest pocket.

Frost Hi Vis Reversible Vest: Made from Polar Fleece, this reversible vest is waterproof and features an anti-pill face, an ID patch holder on the side pocket, hand warmer pockets on both sides, and a zipper for embroidery access located on the side seam.

NSW Rail Compliant / VicRoads Safety Vests

The NSW Rail Compliant / VicRoads Safety Vest is a high-visibility vest tailored to adhere to the safety standards and regulations established by New South Wales (NSW) Rail and VicRoads in Australia. Designed specifically for railway and road use in these areas, these vests incorporate particular design features and reflective tape arrangements to meet regional safety needs.

Hi Vis Vic Rail Reversible Vest With Tape: This versatile vest is made from 300D Oxford 100% Polyester with a PU coating and features a reversible design with a polar fleece layer that has an anti-pill face. It's waterproof up to 12,000mm on the high-visibility side, which is also breathable up to 3000mvp. It includes CSR 50 wash reflective tape suitable for domestic washing, hand warmer pockets on both sides, an embroidery access zip along the side seam, and an ID patch holder on the side pocket. Note that only the high-visibility side is compliant for day/night use.

Hi Vis VicRoads Safety Vest: The Hi Vis VicRoads Safety Vest is crafted from 100% polyester (120gsm) and features a No. 5 zipper at the centre front, black contrast binding, and a longer back length. It's equipped with 50mm prismatic reflective tape that is suitable for domestic washing, making it appropriate for both day and night use. The fabric and reflective tape meet the AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 standards, while the garment itself complies with AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, making it suitable for VicRoads.

Hi Vis Vic Rail Reversible Vest With Tape: The durable Hi Vis Vic Rail reversible vest design is made from polar fleece that includes an anti-pill face. The high-visibility side is waterproof up to 12,000mm and breathable up to 3,000mvp. It's equipped with CSR 50 wash reflective tape for easy domestic cleaning, hand warmer pockets on both sides, an embroidery access zip along the side seam, and an ID patch holder on the side pocket. Compliance with AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 ensures the high-visibility side is suitable for both day and night use.

Softshell Vests

Softshell vests provide a balance of warmth, breathability, and weather resistance while offering greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

Unisex Hi Vis Softshell Vest: The Unisex Hi Vis Softshell Vest:features a clear ID pocket on the chest and two covered side hip pockets for secure storage of items. It is designed with a longer tail to provide additional protection from the elements and is made from 100% softshell material with a 310 gsm bonded fleece backing for enhanced warmth and comfort.

Basic, Zip Vest & Other Safety Vests

Zip Vest: This vest includes a zip front fastening, an ID chest pocket, and reflective tape, making it ideal to keep in the car to ensure compliance with worksite standards at all times. It is made from 100% polyester, offering durability and comfort.

Basic Vest: This basic vest features quick-release front fastening and reflective tape, making it essential to store in your car to always meet worksite standards. It is crafted from 100% polyester, ensuring both durability and comfort.

Reflective Safety Vest With Shoulder Pattern

Made from 100% polyester (120gsm), this safety vest combines durability with lightweight comfort. It features contrast binding and a hook and loop closure, suitable for both day and night use. It includes CSR 1303-6 reflective tape that withstands domestic washing and complies with AS/NZS 4602:1:2011 standards.

Yellow & Orange Safety Vests:

Yellow and orange are favoured colours for hi-vis vests because they are highly visible, enhancing safety by standing out clearly under diverse lighting conditions and against various backgrounds.

Check out this Unisex Hi Vis Safety Vest - Allowing for both style and durability, these safety vests feature contrast binding and a hook and loop closure, designed for day use only. Meeting AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 compliance standards, they are made from 100% polyester (120gsm), and come with the colour options of Hi Vis Orange and Hi Vis Yellow.

Why We Need Hi Vis Vests

Hi Vis vests are crafted to enhance safety by preventing accidents and injuries, both for the wearer and those around them, thereby playing a crucial safety role across various industries where visibility is a high risk factor. High Vis vests achieve their noticeable appearance through either fluorescent or reflective materials. By making wearers stand out from the background, these vests significantly reduce the risk of accidents, thereby protecting lives.

Breathable Fabrics: Many of our safety vests are constructed from 100% polyester and various polyester blends, including 300D Polyester Oxford PU Coated and 100% Polyester Polar Fleece for reversible vest layers. The materials selected for our hi-vis vests, including polyester and mesh blends, are specifically engineered to offer breathability for comfort and airflow. This ensures both visibility and durability are maintained across diverse work settings.

Compliance with Regulations: The majority of our vests are compliant with Australian safety standards, such as AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Visibility: Our high-visibility day and night vests are designed to significantly increase wearer visibility in low-light conditions or environments where visibility is generally compromised.

Comfort and Safety: Our reflective vests not only enhance safety but are also made with comfort in mind, offering high-quality materials that contribute to overall wearer satisfaction.

Weather Protection: Our vests provide reliable protection against various weather conditions, ensuring workers remain safe and comfortable. For example, our Mens Hi Vis Lightweight Vest is waterproof, making it ideal for all kinds of inclement weather.

Additional Features: Our vests also come with practical features like hand warmer pockets, an embroidery access zipper on the side seam, and an ID patch holder on the side pocket, enhancing functionality and convenience for the wearer.

At WorkArmour Solutions, we pride ourselves on being our customers’ first choice when it comes to premium quality workwear. Offering fast delivery and superb customer service, we are also dedicated to improving safety and ease for the workforce, which means providing high quality Hi-Vis vests that ensure you and your team stand out and stay safe. Our range includes premium industrial workwear for both men and women, featuring some of Australia’s most sought-after hi-vis vests.

What colour are hi-vis vests?

While orange and yellow are the most common hi-vis work colours in Australia, other colours are sometimes available in certain jobs. In some contexts, it is acceptable to wear reflective tape over a standard black or blue pullover or jacket.

Why choose reflective safety vests?

Reflective vests are crafted using vibrant colours paired with reflective materials to ensure maximum visibility in any lighting condition. These vests not only make it easier for others to spot workers, but they also help workers keep an eye on each other in low-light situations.

Where can I purchase the best high-visibility vests?

The WorkArmour Hi Vest range boasts premium quality safety vests at affordable prices. You can browse our vis vests here, or check out our wide range of other workwear here. Got an inquiry? Don’t hesitate to hit us up for a chat!

Do high-visibility vests need to meet certain specifications for different industries?

Although the AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 standard outlines the basic requirements for high-vis clothing, certain industries may impose additional specifications or requirements for vests tailored to specific environments or job roles. If you’re looking for a safety vest that complies with AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, you may wish to consider the Frost Hi Vis Reversible Vest.

Where can I purchase the Vic Rail Vests?

You can purchase a high quality Hi Vis Vic Rail Reversible Vest With Tape on the WorkArmour website.

Who should wear safety vests?

Safety vests are essential for any worker operating near moving vehicles or in areas with low visibility. This includes individuals working in active construction or road construction zones who require protective gear. Workers in roles such as airline baggage handlers or delivery personnel navigating around large machinery in environments with limited visibility should also be equipped with safety vests.

What are the hi vis requirements for the railway in Victoria?

In compliance with Vic Rail specifications, clothing such as Vic Rail shirts, jackets, and vests must include specific formations of reflective tape (this includes reflective tape placed over the shoulders) and be in a Hi Vis 'burnt' orange colour. You can browse Hi Vis Vic Rail Reversible Vests With Tape here.