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Womens Work Boots

Shop our range of womens work boots and safety boots specifically engineered to fit the shape of female feet. We know you work hard, so our collection includes ladies work boots that are as durable as they are comfortable, made with high-quality materials that have been tested to ensure they meet safety standards for the toughest working environments. By choosing the right safety work boot, women can stay safe and comfortable while performing their jobs with ease. They feature slip-resistant rubber soles for stellar traction, reducing the risk of mishaps in wet and slick kitchen environments. Waterproofing is another key feature of these boots, which are often made from resilient materials like leather, known for its heat and water resistance.

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Women's Safety Boots

Women’s safety boots are a staple of various workforce industries. Not only do they provide your feet with comfort and support, but they also keep them protected from workplace hazards such as falling objects, slippery surfaces, and errant electrical dangers. Work boots have long been an essential piece of protective apparel across countless occupations that were once considered male dominated; as more and more women have started working in these fields, there has been increased demand for safety boots that are specifically designed for women’s feet. Thankfully, that demand has been met, and there is now a rich selection of workboots for women’s feet that can offer you safety, support - and no shortage of style!

Types of Womens/Ladies Safety Boots

Recent market research in Australia shows that there has been an influx of more women working in industries that where there was once an imbalance in gender, ie. construction, electrical work, factory work, mining, landscaping and farming. Consequently, there is now a big market for ladies safety boots, with sound expectations that the global women’s work boot market is still on the rise.

As the demand for ladies work boots continues to grow, there is now a wide range of options available on the market, giving women the flexibility to find a boot that suits their individual style, comfort, and safety requirements. Women's work boots have evolved significantly in terms of both design and functionality, offering a variety of features tailored to women's needs, such as safety toes, slip-resistant soles, and insulation for cold weather.

The right boot for you will inevitably boil down to your specific job, the occupational health and safety requirements of your work, and, ultimately, what you yourself look for in a work shoe.

Steel Toe Work Boots offer protection against heavy falling objects and compression in countless industries. These boots are built to withstand extreme conditions, their steel toes designed to provide your feet with maximum protection against falling objects, which is why they are necessary (and often mandatory) in many industrial occupations.

Safety Toe Work Boots, like steel toe work boots, are built with a toe guard designed to protect your toes from unwanted impact. The core difference is that a safety toe work boot’s toe guard is not typically made from steel, but rather, a composite such as fibreglass, Kevlar, carbon fibre, or graphite fibre. These materials are, broadly speaking, not as strong as a steel toe cap - but the flip side is that they make for a more comfortable boot that breathes better.

Sided Zip Work Boots are popular among women who need to put on and take off their boots quickly. The side zip allows for easy entry and exit without having to tie and untie the laces each time. Conversely…

Lace Up Boots for women offer a more secure fit and are popular among those who prefer a snug fit. They often provide better ankle support and are typically preferable for professions that require standing for long hours.

Tactical boots are designed for law enforcement and military personnel. These boots offer enhanced durability, protection, and support during physically demanding work.

Safety Slip-Resistant work boots offer extra grip and traction on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Differences Between Women’s And Men’s Work Boots

Feature Men's Work Boots Women's Work Boots
Fit Typically designed for wider feet and larger sizes Wider option of sizes including narrower and smaller options
Style Typically functional but plain. More diverse styles, including more fashionable designs and colours.
Arch Support Negligible arch support options Arch support that’s better tailored to a women's foot.
Heel Height Negligible heel height options More options for lower heel heights and non-slip soles


Traditionally, men's work boots are typically designed for wider feet and larger sizes, whilst women's work boots are designed for narrower feet and smaller sizes. In terms of arch support, women's work boots are more tailored to women's feet and arch support needs, whereas men's work boots generally have flatter arch support. Perhaps most notably (at least from an aesthetic perspective), women's work safety boots generally come with a wider range of styles and colours, including more fashion-forward designs. Whether you’re after plain womens black work boots, or a pair that more closely resemble traditional ladies work shoes while still offering safety and support, you’ve got a good chance at something as chic as it is protective.

What To Look For When Buying Best Safety Boots For Ladies?

While the criteria of a good woman’s work boots varies from job to job - and is of course, ever influenced by your personal preferences - the following factors are commonly considered by women hoping to purchase a safety boot that will provide the necessary protection, comfort, and durability that’s needed across many industries. You can also read a guide to the best fit Womens work boots.

Water Resistance

If you’re working outdoors, or in any environment with a lot of moisture, make sure your work boots are water-resistant, so as to keep your feet dry and comfortable while working.


Not to generalise, but people who need work boots are typically working in heavy duty vocations where it’s not just helpful but utterly necessary that their boots are tough enough to withstand the demands of your job.


Never trivialise your personal comfort - a comfortable worker is a productive worker! It’s important to keep comfy during those long days, so make sure you’ve got a good fit that also provides decent arch support and adequate cushioning.

Customer Reviews

This is common in our social media age, but it’s often wise to see if a product you’re considering has customer reviews. Outside of your own direct experience, this is honestly one of the best ways to get a good idea of the pros and cons of the work boots you’re considering.

Laboratory Test Results

It’s always smart to check the safety ratings and laboratory test results of the boots to ensure they provide the necessary protection for your job. There are a lot of cheap knock-offs out there, and you want to ensure you’re buying something that’s actually going to protect you in the workforce!

Oil Resistance

If your job involves working with oil or other slippery substances, look for boots that are oil resistant, so as to prevent damage to the shoes, but also to prevent slipping accidents. And on that note, make sure your work boots have…

Slip Resistance

A slip-resistant sole is generally the best way to prevent slips and falls and other accidents that tend to occur on slippery surfaces.


What are the best women's work boots in Australia?

Though the best women’s work boots will ultimately depend on your specific needs and personal requirements, there are nonetheless some high quality brands that are recommended across a number of workplaces.

A Bata work boot will come packing many excellent features, such as a slip-resistant and anti-static sole, a steel toe cap for impact and compression protection, a shock absorbent heel, and a water resistant leather upper. Some Bata models also have heat resistant soles of up to 130 degrees celsius.

A Magnum work boot lives up to its esteemed reputation, typically featuring a steel toe cap for impact and compression protection, a water-resistant leather and nylon upper, antimicrobial lining to reduce odours and bacteria, slip-resistant & oil/chemical-resistant soles, a comfortable passed collar/tongue, and a shock absorbing midsole.

How often should you replace your work boots?

The lifespan of a work boot varies on the materials they are built from, how frequently they are worn, and the environment in which they are worn in. As a general rule, it's advised that you replace your work boots every 6-12 months, or earlier if they are showing signs of wear and tear, but this is very much a case by case thing.

What are the most comfortable women's work shoes?

If comfort is your main desire, then you may wish to consider boots that offer cushioning and good arch support. And never settle for footwear that isn’t quite your fit! A good shoe should fit your width and length so as to ensure full foot support.

What are the most durable ladies work boots in Australia?

Durable ladies work boots are made from high-quality leather and will typically come with a sturdy sole and a reinforced toe. Look for brands such as Magnum and Bata.

How do I choose the right size women's work boots in Australia?

 To choose the right size women's work boots, measure your foot and refer to the manufacturer's sizing chart.

Are there any waterproof women's work boots available in Australia?

Yes, there are extremely solid options for waterproof women's work boots! Check out our waterproofed women’s boots range here.

What is the price range for women's work boots in Australia?

The price range for women's work boots in Australia varies depending on the brand, style, and features, but you can find affordable and durable options for around the $200 mark.

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