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Hi Vis Jackets

Hi Vis Jackets

Hi-vis jackets - also known as high visibility jackets, or simply safety vests - are garments designed to enhance the visibility of individuals in various industries and work environments. They are typically made with brightly coloured fluorescent materials, frequently in bright yellows and oranges, and their designs usually incorporate reflective tapes or strips. Unparalleled safety with WorkArmour's high-vis jackets, designed for Australia's toughest jobs. Our jackets stand out in low light, meet rigorous safety standards, and deliver durability for construction, mining, and roadworks professionals. Brands for high visibility waterproof jackets are Syzmik, WorkCraft, , Flame Buster. Choose WorkArmour for top-notch protection that doesn't compromise on comfort or style for top-notch protection that doesn't compromise on comfort or style.

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Hi-Vis Bomber Jackets

The purpose of high visibility jackets is all in the name; they are designed to help workers be more easily seen by others, especially in low-light conditions or high-traffic areas. High-vis jackets play a crucial role in enhancing safety and reducing accidents by alerting drivers, machinery operators, and fellow workers to the presence of individuals, thus minimising the risk of collisions and improving overall workplace safety.

Work Armour offers premium Hi-Vis jackets designed for both men and women, ensuring maximum visibility in various work environments. Their high vis jackets are constructed with high-quality materials and feature reflective tapes to meet Australian standards for workwear safety. These unisex bomber jackets are waterproof and durable, suitable for demanding work conditions, providing protection from the elements while maintaining visibility. Australian standards for Hi-Vis workwear ensure that these jackets adhere to strict guidelines, guaranteeing their effectiveness in enhancing worker safety. Work Armour Solutions is committed to providing reliable and compliant Hi-Vis jackets tailored to the needs of Australian workers.

Types of Hi-Vis Jackets

High-vis jackets are an essential safety measure to ensure the well-being of workers across a very wide range of industries. As high-vis jackets are so widely used across so many different fields, it makes sense that they come in a wide variety of different options. Some of the different kinds of high-vis variety include, but are not limited to:

  • Tornado Hi Vis 4-In-1 Jacket With Tape: Available in yellow/navy or orange/navy, this classic button-up design comes with long sleeves and a wide variety of sizing options.
  • HRC2 FR Zip front Fleece Jumper With FR Tape: This high-vis day/night garment is made of 60% Modacrylic/ 39% Cotton/ 1% AS, 300gsm, with a UPF rating of 50. That means it’s built to protect you from the cold as much as it’ll protect you from the sun. Available in orange/navy or yellow/navy, and in a wide range of sizes.
  • Two Tone Freezer Jacket With Reflective Tape: This jacket will keep you visible while it keeps you snug as a bug on the cold winter mornings. Like the others, it also comes in a wide range of different sizes.
  • Hi Vis Vic Rail Waterproof Shell Jacket With Tape: Windproof, waterproof, seam-sealed and fully-lined with breathable fabrics, they don’t get much more comfortable than this. With bio-motion configuration and front patch pockets with side hand warmer pockets, and a concealed hood, this jacket is designed to protect you against the most inclement of work environments.
  • Typhoon Hi Vis Modern Bomber Jacket:  This fully seam sealed waterproof jacket is made from breathable fabrics and adorned with CSR reflective tape 50 for domestic wash. It’s windproof with side hand warmer pockets and an LHS internal pocket, and it’s available in yellow/navy or orange/navy, and in every size under the sun.

Hi-Vis Jacket Fabric Types

In the realm of workwear, there are various fabrics used; most commonly though, you will find that workwear is chiefly designed around cotton, polyester, and various combinations of the two. Cotton, being a natural material, offers remarkable lightweight and breathable properties. These qualities make it well-suited for summer workwear and individuals who perspire heavily. For summer workwear, we recommend opting for cotton shirts with long sleeves and adequate sun protection. Polyester, on the other hand, is a synthetic fabric known for its remarkable durability, flexibility, and resistance to wrinkles. However, unlike cotton, polyester is not particularly breathable, which can sometimes make it less comfortable to wear in warmer climates. Conversely, polar fleece - a polyester-based insulating fabric - is an ideal choice for those chilly nights.

And then you have the variants; cotton back polyester micromesh (a lightweight blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester), polyester micromesh (a lightweight 100% polyester micromesh that boasts excellent moisture-wicking properties that can keep you cool and dry during hot weather conditions or intense activities), and polyester brushed fleece (a 100% polyester brushed back fleece that is highly insulating to keep you warm, without compromising breathability for comfort). To learn more, you can check out our Guide to Choosing the Right High-Vis Workwear Fabric here.


Hi Vis Safety Jacket Compliance with Australian Standards

In Australia, high-vis jackets must comply with specific standards to ensure their effectiveness in providing visibility and protection; especially if you are employed in a high-risk industry where physical safety is a concern. The specific type of hi-vis requirements will ultimately depend on the nature of the risks involved, the environmental conditions present at your worksite, and the work & safety protocols mandated in your workplace.

When considering various categories of safety apparel, it is important to consider the nature of your activity or work environment while wearing it. Here are the three classes of safety apparel and their specific applications:

Class I

High Visibility Garments are suitable for individuals working on public roads or in areas where traffic may be present within a close distance (visibility distance less than 100m).

Class II

Hi-Vis clothing is specifically designed for industrial work settings.

Class III

Similarly intended for industrial workers, Class III provides a higher level of protection against chemicals and extreme temperatures, particularly when worn for extended periods.

Australian employees working in high-risk environments around moving machinery and vehicles will probably find that they are required to adhere to the AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 standard for hi-vis garments. But don’t take our word for it, it’s always imperative that you check with your employer (and/or with your state’s WorkSafe) as to what proper and legal safety precautions you should be taking with your workwear.


Why Choose Work Armour's Bomber Jackets Men and Women?

We offer an extensive selection of products that are made with high-quality but sold at affordable prices. Our workwear products are designed to be as durable as they are comfortable and our commitment to safety compliance ensures that you and your workers will remain adequately protected in demanding work environments.

If you’re ready to shop, you can browse Work Armour’s wide range of high-vis jackets. While you’re there, you may wish to check out Work Armour’s extensive range of workwear; from footwear, work shirts and pants, to hi vis jumpers, hoodies and jackets, we’ve got everything you need for a safe and comfortable work week. Whether you’re in construction, hospitality, or healthcare - Work Armour has you covered! And to get in touch with us directly, you can contact Work Armour here.