Hi Vis Work Shirts

Hi vis shirts or hi visibility shirts, are specially designed garments crafted to increase the visibility of the wearer. Typically used in industrial work environments and made from fluorescent materials in striking neon colours like yellow, orange, or green, hi vis workshirts incorporate reflective strips or tape for enhanced visibility in low light conditions or at night.

Worker safety, a high priority in every industry and workplace, not only safeguards the well-being of employees, it also enhances productivity and overall operational efficiency. Both employers and employees bear the responsibility of cultivating a safety-centric culture to mitigate potential risks and hazards. This involves comprehensive measures ranging from clear OHS guidelines, thorough training and the use of the correct garments like hi vis shirts, safety workboots and PPE like gloves, hard hats when working.

The Importance of Hi Vis Work Shirts

In many work environments, the need for heightened visibility is not merely a preference but a critical necessity. Industries such as construction, roadwork, manufacturing, and emergency services often expose workers to conditions where visibility is compromised, whether due to low light, adverse weather, or the presence of heavy machinery. In these situations, the ability to clearly see and be seen is paramount for preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of individuals on the job. The consequences of poor visibility can range from minor mishaps to severe accidents, making it imperative to implement measures that reduce the inherent risks associated with low-visibility environments.

Hi vis shirts have emerged as a primary safeguard against workplace accidents, particularly in environments where being seen poses a challenge. The incorporation of reflective strips or tape further enhances prominence, ensuring that individuals stand out prominently against the backdrop of machinery or in conditions of reduced visibility. Crafted from fluorescent materials, in attention-grabbing colours like yellow, orange, or green, these reflective tape work shirts are not simply a uniform, but a carefully designed safety strategy, preventing accidents - whether it be avoiding collisions on construction sites, directing traffic on roads, or enhancing the overall awareness of one's presence in a bustling industrial setting.

Hi Vis Workwear Australian Safety Standards

Australian workers benefit from a comprehensive set of safety standards, encompassing various industries and work environments. Specifically, for high-visibility workwear, the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4602.1.2011 serves as a crucial guideline. This standard pertains to the garment specifications for high-visibility workwear, outlining the design criteria for garments worn by workers exposed to potential hazards posed by moving vehicles, machinery, or other situations with elevated risks.

Additionally, if your workforce operates outdoors, and is exposed to the elements, it becomes your duty to protect your employees with high-visibility clothing offering UPF protection. It is advisable to prioritise clothing with a UPF rating falling within the 50 or 50+ Excellent Category for optimal protection. Such standards and safety measures play a pivotal role in fostering a culture of safety, reducing workplace risks, and enhancing overall occupational health and safety practices.

Not all hi vis safety garments in the market today are compliant with the Australian safety regulations for high-visibility garments 46-2.1.2011. The flouro area and retroreflective tape must be positioned correctly to comply with standards. Below are the correct configurations for compliant safety workwear.

Hi Vis garment with Shoulder Configuration
Hi Vis garment with Shoulder Configuration
Hi Vis garment with Hooped Configuration
Hi Vis garment with Hooped Configuration
Hi Vis Garment with Bio Motion Configuration
Hi Vis Garment with Bio Motion Configuration
Hi Vis garment with Hooped Configuration
Hi Vis garment with Hooped Configuration

Types Of High Visibility Clothing

Hi Vis Shirts

Frequently worn by tradies and workers in safety-critical industries, hi vis shirts are essential for ensuring safety, but they have also become known and embraced for their comfort and style, with some people even including high-vis as part of their everyday wear. This surge in popularity has prompted various brands to offer a wide range of hi vis shirts, featuring different styles, colours, and patterns, and you now have an even wider range of options when shopping for both hi vis shirts for men and women.

Hi Vis Vests

Whether directing traffic, working on construction sites, or handling emergency situations, hi vis vests are indispensable for ensuring the well-being of individuals in hazardous work settings. In scenarios where layered clothing or varying work conditions are common, hi vis vests can offer a practical alternative to high-vis shirts while still ensuring optimal visibility and safety. Hi vis vests offer increased breathability, making them more comfortable in warmer conditions, and can be easily worn over existing clothing, providing a quick and versatile solution for enhancing visibility without the need to change the entire outfit.

Hi Vis Jackets

Hi visibility jackets are specifically designed to amplify the visibility of individuals across diverse industries and work settings, while providing added coverage and protection in colder or inclement weather conditions, offering both visibility and an extra layer for warmth and comfort in various work environments. Constructed from vividly coloured fluorescent materials, often in striking yellows and oranges, these jackets typically feature reflective tapes or strips as part of their design.

Hi Vis Overalls & Coveralls

Hi vis coveralls or overalls offer distinct advantages due to their comprehensive coverage design. Unlike separate garments, coveralls shield the entire body from the chest to the legs, providing an all-encompassing protective layer. This is especially beneficial in environments where individuals are exposed to a range of hazards. With secure press stud fastenings, they are easy to put on and take off, with angled pockets for convenient access, with hi vis coveralls for night-workers also available. All of our hi vis coveralls comply with AS/NZS 1906.4: 2010 – High Visibility Materials, and AS/NZS 4602.1: 2011 - High Visibility Safety Garments.

Hi Vis Flame Retardant

Flame-retardant hi vis wear offers protection in workplaces where the risk of fire hazards exists, ensuring the safety of workers exposed to flames or sparks. The necessity of such clothing is underscored by its ability to mitigate the severity of injuries in case of a fire-related incident. Widely applicable in industries like welding, construction, and oil and gas, flame-retardant hi vis wear provides a vital safety measure against potential fire risks while maintaining high visibility for enhanced overall workplace safety.