How to Choose the Best Medical Uniform

Having the proper attire at work is extremely important, as it gives the staff team a more presentable and professional appearance when dealing with customers.

For health professionals, wearing the right medical uniform is even more crucial as it helps patients identify a doctor or a nurse. In a hectic environment such as a hospital, where patients and their families may not be in a very good frame of mind due to stress, worry or pain, being able to quickly know who the medical professional is will help in providing some assurance and in soothing anxiety.

Besides that, medical uniforms also allow the staff members to feel part of a team, which can boost team spirit and improve productivity.

There are many types of medical uniforms available in the market, but not all are of good quality. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a good medical uniform for you and your team:



Medical uniforms and scrubs will not only be used a lot, but also be exposed to all kinds of bodily fluids and substances. This in turn translates to frequent and harsh cleaning methods for sanitisation. If you want a medical scrub that can last a long time, look for good quality fabric, strong seams, and reinforced stress points.

The fabric of your scrub will also affect how breathable it will be. Depending on the environment you are working in, you may prefer something warmer or more lightweight and cool.



When choosing your medical garment, check that it does not restrict your movement in any way. A well-fitted medical scrub and uniform will allow you to move easily and stay active for long hours without getting uncomfortable. Some scrubs come with side splits for extra comfort and flexibility.

Whether you go for a tight or loose fitting scrub is up to personal preference, as long as it offers enough mobility without getting in the way. It should also let you bend, squat, and stretch without exposing you or tearing the fabric.



This depends a lot on the organisation you work with. Some hospitals and clinics, especially in pediatrics, may allow some freedom for prints or patterns on the scrubs, but most hospitals require their staff to wear solid colours without any prints.

Before deciding on whether you want prints on your medical uniform, it is best to check with your employer or your organisation to see if they would allow it.



There are many colour options to choose from these days – white, green and blue are the more common ones, although you can also go for brown, maroon, pink or purple.

Most prefer green or blue as research found that it was easier to wash blood stains out of these rather than a white scrub. Green and blue scrubs are also gentler on the eyes compared to red or bright white, which may cause eyestrain and vision fatigue.

One thing to keep in mind is that darker colours such as navy blue seem to work better in the medical sector. According to colour psychology, these colours, with blue specifically, promote feelings of calmness, serenity and security.


Special Features

A good medical scrub should have several features to improve its practicality and convenience factors.

Firstly, pockets. There should be a number of well-placed pockets on the garment to allow you to easily store and reach for items such as writing materials, medical instruments, or your phone. There should be at least 2 pockets, but 3 would be perfect. Some scrubs also feature compartments in the pockets to hold pens or other tools.

Some scrubs are reversible, allowing you to make full use of both sides, while many scrub pants now come with elastic waists with fabric ties for more comfort.

Also check that the scrub is industrial laundry friendly, to ensure that it is able to undergo vigorous washing to remove all impurities and prevent cross contamination.


Medical Uniforms and Scrubs in Melbourne

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