A guide to finding the right work pants

Workwear pants are tough, durable, and offer practical benefits, however selecting the right workwear pants can be quite challenging for many. The perfect work pants should not only keep you comfortable while working outdoors or on a chaotic construction site, but it should also provide some protection. Regardless of where you work, the right work pants should be hard wearing and comfortable.


Selecting work pants shouldn’t be a challenge, but in reality, choosing pants can seem like a daunting task. The reason is simple – you shouldn’t have to buy expensive pants that don’t fulfil your expectations; like coming apart at the seams or lasting only for a few days.


When you shop for your workwear in Melbourne, you may be influenced by promises of famous brands and be tempted to buy the most expensive one right away. However, it is best to select your work pants only after carefully considering various factors before making your decision.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Workwear Pants

When selecting professional clothing, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. It is possible to strike the right balance between both.


In this article, we will guide you through each step of the entire process to make finding the right work pants easier for you. Here are the main factors to consider before buying pants:



The first factor to consider is durability, especially if you are going to wear pants for outdoor or construction sites. When buying work pants, let durability trump the price tag.


Work pants should last for at least six months to one year – even if you work in challenging conditions such as construction sites. However, durability is not only about value for money, durable work pants will give you an additional level of protection during work. Some work pants also offer water and flame-resistance features. Water-resistant work pants help you stay dry, so that you don’t have to change your clothes while you’re at work.


Durability is usually a tricky trade off with comfort. Generally, the perception is that strong pants are less comfortable, and that softer fabric is less durable. However, if your working environment is not a high-abrasion environment, you can choose pants that are a few points lower on the durability score. If you are working in a tough environment, you should choose a heavier and more sturdier fabric, with a high-denier count to give you that extra level of protection.



The next critical consideration is comfort. What purpose will highly durable, yet highly uncomfortable work pants serve you? Initially, buying sturdy and stiff work pants might seem like a smart decision to make, however, you might regret it in the long run. You need to strike a balance between durability and comfort. After all, you will have to wear those pants for extended periods in challenging conditions. Three main factors that affect how comfortable you will be in your choice of work pants are Fit, Fabric and Style.


In addition to comfort, look for pants that allow easy movement and breathability. Pick a pair of work pants that will enable sufficient ventilation. You should be able to work efficiently, even in the sun, without being drenched in sweat. While on the topic of breathability, try thinner fabric or a looser cut that will allow air circulation within the pants.



Fit is something most of us worry about when choosing pants. Fit, not only increases your level of comfort while wearing the pants, but it also impacts your overall appearance. There are three basic types of fit, they are:


  • Classic Fit:

    The classic fit work pant is the most popular type. Classic fit pants tend to sit without being tight on hips, and thighs. They’re also straighter in the legs from the knee to the hem. This fit is suitable for most body types.


  • Relaxed Fit:

    A relaxed fit is similar to the classic fit, but you’ll have much more room around the hips and thighs. The legs on a Relaxed Fit work pant will also be little baggier from knee to hem. This fit does not restrict your movement and may suit larger body types.


  • Slim Or Modern Fit:

    Slim fit is the more modern type of fitting. The Slim fit work pant sits snug on the hips and thighs. The Modern fit work pant also has a tapered from the knee to hem. It is not exactly tight; you still have enough room to move around comfortably. The tapered leg is designed to fit into boots. This fit suits most body types.

A variation to the Slim fit is a Skinny fit which is a much tighter fit from the hips to thighs to knees and hem. Skinny fit work pants tend to be made in stretch fabrics and suit skinny body types.

Choose work pants that fit, and that you are comfortable with, keeping in mind your workplace safety regulations, particularly if your workplace has a uniform you need to wear.



Fabric plays a crucial role in the durability, comfort, breathability, and fit of the work pants. In Australia, cotton fabric is most common for these reasons given the climate conditions.

There 3 main characteristics you would look for in Cotton work pants: fabric weight, fabric weave, and fabric blend.


Cotton fabric blends used in workpants are 100% cotton and Cotton blend, usually elastane or polyester or nylon. 100% cotton is a staple work pant fabric for many decades in the Australian workwear industry. Cotton/Elastane blend (or Stretch cotton) has become very popular in recent years since the stretch fabric provides added level of comfort and wearability. Choose the fabric blend of your workpants based on what matters to you most.


The main cotton fabric workwear fabrics come in heavyweight, midweight and lightweight. Heavyweight fabric typically weights around 310gsm, while midweight fabrics are between 240gsm to 280gsm. Lightweight fabrics would be between 190gsm to 200gsm. You should consider the type of work you do as well as the climate or environment when selecting the fabric weight for your work pant.


Fabric weave refers to how the fabric is woven together, and different types of weaves have different names. In Australia’s workwear industry, most common fabric weaves are Twill, Canvas, and Ripstop. All three types are strong and have a proven track record in workpants.

The weave you select is your personal preference.


Additionally, if you work on construction sites, near high-speed vehicles or heavy vehicles, you need to wear hi-vis workwear. These clothes help prevent accidents from occurring due to low visibility. These hi-vis clothes are made using fluorescent materials with bright reflective tape that adds extra visibility.



Work pants should be both durable and functional, and they need to fit right too. One of the best things about workwear is there are many styles to choose from.


When it comes to work pants styles, there is no right and wrong here. You should be willing to experiment a bit, try out different styles, and keep multiple options at hand.


Some of the popular choices are:

  • Cargo Style

    The Cargo work pants are a popular style preferred mainly by tradies. It is a comfortable choice for many, with its large pockets on the thighs. There are a few versions that have additional pockets on the calves too, with easy access. You can choose from a classic fit utility work pant or a leaner more articulated & ergonomic fit.


    The deep pockets allow tradies to carry many tools in addition to rulers, caps, keys, phones, measures, and more. These pants come in handy for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, IT installation experts, and more. Make sure these pants have solid zippers and closures along with belt loops. You can select from either WorkArmour Titan stretch cotton cargo pant or Rogue Cuffed stretch cotton work pants


  • Painters and Carpenters Style

    Contrary to the name, these versatile pants are not only preferred by carpenters and painters. These pants are not as loose-fitting as the cargo-style pants, but they are just as comfortable. These pants too, have deep pockets that can hold many small tools and a hammer that can be secured with the belt loop. These pants are usually made using stretch fabric which allows for easy movement. Make sure the pants come with an industrial-strength zipper and a large belt loop.


  • Double Knee protection style

    Double knee protection style pants are perfect for landscapers, pavers, brickies, or just about any profession that involves a lot of squatting, bending, and scrambling. You can choose a pant that has a reinforced fabric patch near the inner knee of the pant or a larger patch on the outside from mid-shin to mid-thigh. These high rub/stress points are reinforced with abrasion resistant fabric or a double layer fabric to increase durability of the work pants. You can select from either WorkArmour Titan stretch cotton cargo pant or Rogue Cuffed stretch cotton work pants.



Price plays a crucial role in the final selection of the work pants. Prices vary from brand to brand, and you should select your work pant based on "fit for purpose" and value for money instead of just buying a popular brand. The WorkArmour Titan stretch cotton cargo pant or Rogue Cuffed stretch cotton work pant represents excellent value for money for premium quality work pants. Take a look at the different products, fit and fabrics and compare them before choosing one.


Australian Laws Regarding Work Wear Pants

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 states that employers should provide workers with Personal Protection Equipment when working in workplaces with unavoidable safety risks. Safe Work Australia also lays down guidelines on work wear compliant clothing. It is crucial to always wear PPE if required by law. You can prevent avoidable accidents by wearing the correct workwear and PPE.


Work pants should be durable, comfortable, and protective as they fall under the skin protection category. Yet, PPE is still the last line of defence against workplace accidents. PPE will provide workers with protection only if it works in conjunction with other strict rules. Besides, it is essential for the worker and the employer to always work together to ensure workplace safety.


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